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Charminster Spiritualist Church


Paranormal Troubleshooters International

 Angie & Keith Freeland

Saturday 3rd July     

10am – 4pm        Cost £35 

A deposit of £17.50 (non-refundable) is required to secure your place.

Limited to 20 spaces


We are very pleased to have Angie and Keith Freeland, Paranormal Troubleshooters International taking on a one day workshop for us.

Angie and Keith will give us an account of the twelve years that they have spent in the field of the paranormal. They will give us some insight into the places they have been and anecdotes from their journey, also their media appearances.

They will take a look at what a Medium and a Scientist brings to the party, how they work together to compliment each others skills. This will also highlight differences of opinion as well as supporting opinions.
Keith will highlight how he feels science supports the case for life after death but has failed to provide the tools we need to understand the paranormal world for over more than a century.

Angie and Keith will take us through the various items of equipment that they use, what they do and how they help us to provide concrete and tangible evidence.

Attendees will then get involved in a couple of practical sessions employing Angies’ skills as a Medium whilst they use the equipment to provide supportive evidence of what is happening.

If time allows there will be question and answers that attendees might have.


Please bring a packed lunch and drinks for the day

 Call 07780 565342 or go to the Special Events Page on



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