September Programme

                                                   Sat 4th September- John Taylor 7Pm £2.50/ £3.50

Tuesday 7th September

11.30am – 1.30pm Healing (by freewill donation)

2pm – 2.30pm Meditation (by freewill donation)

3pm – 4.10pm Divine Service (by freewill donation) Sarah Burch

Saturdays 7pm–8pm £2.50 members £3.50 non members

Healing 5.45pm-6.30pm (except 14th August)

4th Sept …..John Taylor

11th Sept …Mark Stone

18st Sept ….Chris Drew Special event

25th Sept.....Angie Freeland


To book tickets for Specials please speak to the Committee or go to our Facebook page

“Charminster Spiritualist Church Events”

and click on

or call Rosie on 07780 565 342