As a spiritualist church we recognise the unity of all people, all beliefs and all lifestyles. No matter what your beliefs or personal philosophies may be; from the searching scientific questioner to the spiritual traveller all are welcome within our church.

Spiritualism aims to prove the belief that life continues after physical death, here at Charminster Spiritualist church we aim to provide demonstrations of mediumship bringing that proof, which makes a belief a certainty and a personal knowledge that “There is no death”.

Every Medium that works on the church platform holds their own set of beliefs and we respect their right that they hold these beliefs and ask you to do the same, just as we respect yours.

Spirit Within

We aim to promote the learning and understanding of the Spirit Within, the Spirit World, Healing and Psychic Phenomena. Groups and educational evenings are held within the church to allow everyone the chance to learn more, no matter where they are in their understanding from the inexperienced enquirer to the life long spiritualist, all are welcome to come and learn more about this wonderful subject.

We want to promote within the members of our church the love, understanding, compassion, care and respect that the Spirit World encourages within us all. All we ask in return is the support of our members to continue to keep Charminster Spiritualist Church a sanctuary of love, peace and healing, where all are welcome.